Master of Medicine M6027/3896


The information on this page applies to students currently enrolled in course M6027 or 3896 Master of Medicine.

Please note: Students who have completed the 4 core units POM5001-5004 by the end of Semester 1, 2019, can express interest for a Course Variation and finish the Masters degree by enrolling in the new unit POM5104. ie. course complete in 60 credit points.
For more information regarding this process, please see below.

Course code M6027
Managing faculty Medicine, Nursing and Health Sciences
Abbreviated title MMed or GradDipMed
Total credit points required 72
Standard duration of study (years)

1.5 years Full Time, 3 years Part Time.
This course must be completed in a minimum of 1.5 years and a maximum of 5 years. The course duration is inclusive of any periods of intermission.

Study mode and location Multi modal
Admission, fee and application details
Contact details

Department of Anaesthesia and Perioperative Medicine. +61 9903 0321 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Course coordinator

Professor Paul Myles and Dr Jamie Smart


  1. This course is only available to Domestic Students (i.e. Australian citizen, an Australian permanent resident, a holder of Australian permanent humanitarian visa, and a New Zealand citizen.)
  2. This course is predominantly online but Elective Units do have Mandatory Block day(s) to attend in Melbourne

Who the course is aimed at?

This Master of Medicine is recommended for medical practitioners who manage patients in the perioperative period, and those who want to improve practice in this area.

Specifically, this course would be recommended for the following:

  •  Anaesthetists
  •  Intensivists
  •  Physicians
  •  Surgeons
  •  Pain Specialists
  •  Emergency Physicians
  •  General Practitioners

Whilst the course has predominantly attracted and is most benefit to, specialist groups and aimed at postgraduate level, we also accept trainees and junior clinicians.

Please note:
The Master's Core Units are quite intensive and we suggest 20 to 24 hours per week of study commitment to view the lectures, reading packages and dedication to research in answering the course work (essays, group discussions and short essays).



This course is designed to meet the needs of registered medical practitioners by equipping its candidates to work competently and effectively in this ever-changing medical environment.

Surgical patients are getting older and sicker. Many clinicians caring for surgical patients are challenged by the growing complexity of these patients, particularly their perioperative management. Pre-admission clinics are responding, and perioperative medicine is becoming an emerging field. This course addresses deficiencies in this area.

The course is conducted by Monash University (Department of Anaesthesia and Perioperative Medicine and Department of Epidemiology and Preventative Medicine), in conjunction with the Alfred Hospital's Department of Anaesthesia and Perioperative Medicine.



Key objectives of the perioperative medicine component are to:

  1. Provide clinicians with information to care for the growing complexity of surgical patients.
  2. Provide a greater understanding of the importance and functioning of the pre-admission clinic.
  3. Equip the perioperative physician to risk stratify and optimize care of the patient in the perioperative period.
  4. Collaboratively manage the patient in the perioperative period, in particular the perioperative management of patients with acute medical, cardiac, and other organ dysfunction.
  5. Equip the perioperative physician with the managerial skills to lead a multidisciplinary perioperative management team.
  6. Equip the perioperative physician with basic research skills to further perioperative medicine research.

Credit for prior studies

Credit for the unit POM5001 (Perioperative management of the cardiac patient) applies to all students who have previously completed the Perioperative Medicine Short Course from 2009 to 2013 only.
There is no credit for completing the short course from 2014 onwards.

For credit of units from other universities, students will need to complete a Credit Application Form and provide supporting evidence for it to be considered. This can only be assessed once enrolled into the course. Contact the course administrator for further information.


Course Structure

This course consists of FOUR compulsory Core Units and the completion of 24 Credit Points from the Elective Units for the Masters OR FOUR compulsory Core Units for the Graduate Diploma

Core Units

  •  POM5001 Perioperative Medicine for the Cardiac Patient
  •  POM5002 Acute Perioperative Medicine
  •  POM5003 Organ dysfunction 1
  •  POM5004 Organ dysfunction 2
Core Units are offered until the end of 2020.

Elective Units (Select 24 Credit Points from below)

  •  MPH5213 Research methods (6 Credit Points)
  •  MPH5040 Introductory epidemiology (6 Credit Points)
  •  MPH5041 Introductory biostatistics (6 Credit Points)
  •  MPH5266 Clinical leadership and management (6 Credit Points)
  •  MPH5267 Principles of healthcare quality improvement (6 Credit Points)
  •  POM5005 Human factors for patient safety** (6 Credit Points)
  •  MAP5000 Research in advanced health professional practice (12 Credit Points)
  •  MAP5010 Advanced health practice research project (12 Credit Point)

** Please note POM5005 is offered from 2018


Course Variation

Students who have completed the four compulsory core units by the end of Semester 1 2019 can express interest for a Course Variation.
This allows for completion of M6027 by enrolling in POM5104 Unit.

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For more information regarding unit POM5104 and the capstone project click below:

Capstone Project


IT Requirements

The master of medicine is a largely distance based course. Online learning plays a major role in your study of the subjects. As such, it is vital to verify that you have the required computer software and Internet access so you can best review the material.

Access to the Masters Course Study content will only be available to enrolled students during the Semester to which the Unit is being completed.
Following conclusion of the applicable semester, access will be closed.

For more information regarding IT Requirements,

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Marking and Plagiarism

Marking of the core POM Units provides an overall grade of PGO (Pass Grade Only) or NGO (Non Pass Grade Only).

However, MPH Elective Units are marked and graded with a N (Fail), P (Pass), C (Credit), D (Distinction), or HD (High Distinction).

Please note that this may affect the overall GPA result.

Monash University Policy requires that is compulsory to apply plagiarism detection software to all student assessments. Please click here to read further details on this Policy



For more information regarding 2019 course fees,

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Master of Medicine (MMed) or Graduate Diploma of Medicine (GradDipMed)


Alternative exit(s)

Students who have successfully completed all four Core Units totaling 48 credit points (i.e. POM5001, POM5002, POM5003 and POM5004) and do not wish to, or are unable to continue with the master's program, will be able to exit the course with an award title of Graduate Diploma of Medicine.


Ask a question

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