Master of Medicine M6027/3896 - Core Units


The information on this page applies to students currently enrolled in course M6027 or 3896 Master of Medicine.

Please note: Students who have completed the 4 core units POM5001-5004 by the end of Semester 1, 2019, can express interest for a Course Variation and finish the Masters degree by enrolling in the new unit POM5104. ie. course complete in 60 credit points.
For more information regarding this process, please see below.

Conducted by the Department of Anaesthesia and Perioperative Medicine, Monash University, Alfred Centre:

Compulsory core units (12 points each):

  •  POM5001 Perioperative Medicine for the Cardiac Patient
  •  POM5002 Acute Perioperative Medicine
  •  POM5003 Organ dysfunction 1
  •  POM5004 Organ dysfunction 2
Core Units are offered until the end of 2020.

Core Units are offered:

  •  Semester 1: POM5001 and POM5004
  •  Semester 2: POM5002 and POM5003

Assessment of the core units will be through a combination of essays, short essays and online group case discussions.

All Core Units are only offered once per year.



All students must enroll for the Master of Medicine.

However once successfully completing the four Core Units, a student can opt to exit and receive the Graduate Diploma.


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