Master of Medicine - Elective Units


The information on this page applies to students currently enrolled in course M6027 Master of Medicine.

Please note: Students who have completed the 4 core units POM5001-5004 by the end of Semester 1, 2019, can express interest for a Course Variation and finish the Masters degree by enrolling in the new unit POM5104.
For more information regarding this process, please see below.

Conducted by the Department of Epidemiology and Preventive Medicine (DEPM)

Select 24 credit points from below:

All units below are 6 credit points each except for MAP5000 and MAP5001 which are 12 credit points each.

  •  MPH5213 Research methods
  •  MPH5040 Introductory epidemiology
  •  MPH5041 Introductory biostatistics
  •  MPH5266 Clinical leadership and management
  •  MPH5267 Principles of healthcare quality improvement
  •  POM5005 **Human factors for patient safety
  •  MAP5000 Research in advanced health professional practice
  •  MAP5010 Advanced health practice research project

POM5005 is offered from 2018


Elective Units are offered:

  •  Semester 1: MPH5040* and MPH5041*, MPH5266, POM5005, MAP5000^^ and MAP5010^^
  •  Semester 2: MPH5040* and MPH5041*, MPH5266, MPH5213, MPH5267

* MPH5040 and MPH5041 are offered online only (no block days) in Semester 2. In Semester 1 they have Complusory Block Days.

^^ The MAP units are Research Units, and will take a year (i.e. two semesters) to complete. It requires students to review existing research literature, create a research question, select an appropriate methodology and finalise a research protocol for institutional ethics approval. The student then needs to implement the research protocol, gathering data, interrogating it using acceptable analytical processes and developing an informed and defensible conclusion thus creating a research report. In order to be accepted into these units, a research question must be presented to the Unit Coordinator/Chief Examiner which is Prof Paul Myles, Director of Anaesthesia and Perioperative Medicine, prior to enrolling into the units and then approved. These units present 12 credit points each.

All Elective units have mandatory block days to attend, for scheduling please refer to



Although MPH5040 and MPH5041 are co-requisites, students can now enrol into these units individually. However this is not recommended and may make the study content more difficult.

Students can enrol into elective units through WES (web enrolment system), except for MPH5213 which requires the DEPM Postgraduate Office to complete as this unit has the prerequisites of MPH5040 and MPH5041.


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