Master of Medicine - IT Requirements


The master of medicine is a largely distance based course. Online learning plays a major role in your study of the subjects. As such, it is vital to verify that you have the required computer software and Internet access so you can best review the material.

Access to the Masters Course Study content will only be available to enrolled students during the Semester to which the Unit is being completed.
Following conclusion of the applicable semester, access will be closed.

Minimum IT Requirements:

  •  Mozilla Firefox – The latest version
  •  Google Chrome – The latest version
  •  Apple Safari – The latest version

A broadband Internet connection

Please ensure that your broadband speed is sufficient to play back the test video. This will ensure that you can review the video content as required. We strongly advise against using mobile broadband (e.g. 3G, Edge or 4G connections as online streaming uses a large amount of broadband data. You may rapidly exceed your monthly data allowance and experience significant issues with playback if you use this method of connecting to the master of medicine website.

Therefore we recommend of using a cable, ADSL 2+ or a NBN connection.

Minimum bandwidth 7Mbps

Adobe Acrobat Reader

This is installed by default on most computers and tablet devices. Please note that for Mac users, the inbuilt preview application may not display proper formatting.
The reading content is in PDF form and has features of relatively recent PDF standards. Hence, older PDF readers will be incompatible or display incorrectly.
Please ensure you have a PDF reader installed if this is not on your system. Adobe Acrobat reader is free of charge and can be installed on a variety of systems.

To download Adobe PDF Reader free of charge please go to Get Adobe

A word processor.

Any word processor that can view and edit .docx files will be able to be used as part of the masters.
Please note that Microsoft Office 2003 is not supported.

Suggested word processing applications are:

  •  Microsoft Word 2010 for Windows
  •  Microsoft Word 2013 for Windows
  •  Microsoft Office 2011 for Mac
  •  Microsoft Office 2016 for Windows
  •  Microsoft Office 2016 for Mac