Master of Medicine - ANZCA Scholarship Role


The ANZCA scholarship role chair has confirmed the following electives for the MMed (Perioperative Medicine) would fall into the areas of either research methodology, teaching or learning theory or administration or managerial skills:

  •  MPH5213 - Research methods
  •  MPH5040 - Introductory epidemiology
  •  MPH5041 - Introductory biostatistics
  •  MPH5266 - Clinical leadership and management
  •  MPH5267 - Principles of health care quality improvement

ANZCA Trainees however will need to demonstrate that their proposal will have at least 100 hours devoted to the minimum criteria in order to satisfy the requirements for Option B of the ANZCA scholarship role.

Please note that the clinical core units (POM5001-POM5004) are clinical teaching units, and as such, do not qualify for the ANZCA scholarship role. Only the elective units count towards the scholarship role.

More information on the ANZCA scholarship role can be found by clicking here.