POM5101 - Perioperative medicine and cardiorespiratory disease (12 credit points)

POM5102 - Acute perioperative care (12 credit points)

POM5103 - Perioperative Medicine and co-existing conditions (12 credit points)

Capstone Project Units

POM5105 - Contemporary issues in Perioperative Medicine (theory) (6 credit points)

POM5106 - Perioperative Medicine Capstone Project (6 credit points)


Unit Information

  • Five units (POM5101, POM5102, POM5103, POM5105, POM5106) must be completed culminating in a 6,000 word (or part thereof) capstone project (POM5106) which is determined by you. The practical capstone project unit POM5106 must be completed last or in conjunction with final unit/s.
  • Units POM5101-5 can be completed in any order (according to unit scheduling for the year)
  • POM5106 has a prerequisite of units POM5101-5. Therefore, it should be completed as the last unit.
  • Time commitment: 20-24 hours of study per 12 credit point unit per week (i.e. Part-time study).