Master of Medicine M6033

Perioperative Medicine has been defined as the care of patients from the time they contemplate surgery through the operative period to full recovery at home.

The course is aimed at medical practitioners working in this emerging field. It has been designed to facilitate the delivery of collaborative and optimal perioperative care to patients presenting with complex, chronic and acute medical conditions requiring surgical intervention.

Note: It is not the purpose of this course to act as a pathway into specialty training in Australia. Completion of this course leads to a Masters qualification but not to Specialist recognition. Such recognition is only granted by the relevant Australian and New Zealand specialty Colleges as per their individual requirements.

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  • General Information

    • Offered completely online: No On-Campus attendance (i.e. no face-to-face contact).
    • Course Admission is offered in Semester 1 (International and Domestic applications) and Semester 2 (Domestic applications only).
    • 48 credit point Masters course.
    • Course requires completion of five Core Units including the Capstone Project. This encompasses 3 x 12 credit points units (POM5101, POM5102, POM5103) and 2 x 6 credit point Capstone Project units (POM5105, POM5106).
    • Time commitment: 20-24 hours of study per 12 credit point unit (i.e. Part-time study) or 40-48 hours for 2 x 12 credit point units (i.e. Full-time study).
    • Offered Semester 1 (International and Domestic applications) and Semester 2 (Domestic only).

    Course Guidebook

    Important Dates

    Semester 2, 2021

    Admissions Open
    Admissions close 12 July 2021

    Admission is open for:

    • Master of Medicine Domestic Applicants ONLY. Please note that there is no mid-year International intake for this course.

    2022 Admissions:

    • International Admissions open 1 June 2021
    • Domestic Admissions open 1 October 2021

    * To waive the international application fee please contact us at to provide a unique application code prior to submitting the admission

    Semester dates
    (for Semester 1 and 2)

    Census dates
    Deadline to withdraw from units without penalty

    Course FAQ

    How many hours per week do I need to dedicate to course learning?

    The three 12 credit point units (POM5101, POM5102, POM5103) are quite intensive and we suggest 20 to 24 hours per week of study commitment for each unit to view the lectures, complete the reading packages and dedication to research in answering the course work (essays, group discussions and short answer questions).

    The two 6 credit point units (POM5105, POM5106) are less intensive but still require a suggested minimum of 10 to 15 hours study dedication for each unit.

    Can I take leave during the course?

    Intermission (study leave) can be granted for up to 12 months (i.e. two semesters either taken together or separately) during the duration of your study. An Intermission Application Form will need to be completed and sent to the course administrator.

    When does access to the Online course material open and close?

    Enrolled students receive a Welcome Package to their Monash student email account one week prior to the official semester start date. Unit content is released on a weekly basis (as appropriate) and assessment tasks have a set release date and due date. Content is unable to be released outside of this period. If you have planned leave during the semester you will need to manage your study commitments as required.

    For all unit’s, access to the unit material/web closes immediately after the end of the semester.

    Please refer to the Monash official semester start and finish date Semester Dates

    Can I have ongoing access to the Online material once I have completed the Course

    Course material is only available for the duration of the semester study period.

    My question is not listed in here?
    Please contact us during 9AM – 5PM AEST weekdays via
    03 9903 0321 or email
  • POM5101 - Perioperative medicine and cardiorespiratory disease (12 credit points)

    POM5102 - Acute perioperative care (12 credit points)

    POM5103 - Perioperative Medicine and co-existing conditions (12 credit points)

    Capstone Project Units

    POM5105 - Contemporary issues in Perioperative Medicine (theory) (6 credit points)

    POM5106 - Perioperative Medicine Capstone Project (6 credit points)


    Unit Information

    • Five units (POM5101, POM5102, POM5103, POM5105, POM5106) must be completed culminating in a 6,000 word (or part thereof) capstone project (POM5106) which is determined by you. The practical capstone project unit POM5106 must be completed last or in conjunction with final unit/s.
    • Units POM5101-5 can be completed in any order (according to unit scheduling for the year)
    • POM5106 has a prerequisite of units POM5101-5. Therefore, it should be completed as the last unit.
    • Time commitment: 20-24 hours of study per 12 credit point unit per week (i.e. Part-time study).
  • Course Fees

    Domestic Participants

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    International Participants

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    More information about the fees (i.e Pay your fees, Payment dates, Refunds, Student loans etc) please click below

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  • Admissions

    Entry requirements

    Domestic Applicants

    International Applicants

    Apply Now

    Domestic: Admissions Open

    Close 12 July 2021

    Admissions not accepted for semester 2, 2021.
    2022 Admissions Open 1 June 2021

    Admissions FAQ

    Can I apply for part-time and change to full-time later (and vice versa)?

    Graduate Certificate of Medicine

    Unfortunately, no. Due to unit scheduling and the short course duration, students can study either full-time (available semester 1 only) or part-time (available semester 1 and 2) at the time of applying.

    Master of Medicine

    Yes, subject to unit availability and course progression. Please contact us for more information. If you are unsure of your ability to devote time to study, students are encouraged to begin part-time.

    Can I apply for either course if I have a Bachelor of Science?

    Unfortunately, no. The academic entry requirement is a Bachelor of Medicine, Bachelor of Science (MBBS) or Doctor of Medicine (MD). You are welcome to apply when you meet this (and other) admission requirements.

    What is meant by ‘2 years of clinical hospital medicine experience’?

    Students need 2 years of clinical hospital medicine before being able to apply for the Graduate Certificate or Master of Medicine. For example, if a student graduates from a MBBS in November 2020 they are eligible to apply from the 2023 calendar year onward if they have continued with postgraduate medical trainee and placements during those two years. As the Master of Medicine program culminates in the student determining and submitting a capstone project, students need this experience to get the most out of the project.

    If I can’t find a copy of my MBBS testamur/academic transcript, can I provide a Fellowship Certificate instead?

    Unfortunately, not. As part of the Admissions Policy you must provide a copy of your MBBS testamur and academic transcript (list of results).

    I am having difficulty accepting my offer and enrolling for the first time

    Please contact us to assist via email address or phone +61 3 9903 0321 (9am to 5pm AEST)

    How do I pay for the course and do I have to pay all at once?

    Fees are charged per unit/s enrolled each semester. Students can pay fees each semester or full calendar year of enrolment. Statements are issued from 4+ weeks prior to semester commencement. The Monash Fees Department manages all student Fees. For further information and contact details please visit

    How do I receive my fee statement (invoice)?

    This is accessed through your Monash WES (Web Enrolment System) account or by contacting the Monash Fees Department.

    What is the refund policy?

    Enrolled students have until the census date at the beginning of each semester to withdraw from unit/s without financial and/or academic penalty (student amenity fees may still apply). The census date is when the University finalises your enrolment. If you withdraw after the census date you forfeit paid fees and are likely to incur an academic penalty.

    Is fee assistance available?

    Graduate Certificate of Medicine

    The Graduate Certificate of Medicine is full fee-paying only. Students can apply for FEE-HELP if they are eligible to do so. Fee information is available at
    Commonwealth Supported Places were available for semester 1, 2021 domestic applicants only and for units studied in 2021 only.

    Master of Medicine

    The Master of Medicine is full fee-paying only. Students can apply for FEE-HELP if they are eligible to do so.
    Fee information is available at

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    Please contact us during 9AM – 5PM AEST weekdays via phone at +61 3 9903 0321 or email

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