New!!! Masters of Medicine - M6033 - 48 Credit Points


The Master of Medicine (Perioperative) Course has been designed to meet the needs of registered medical practitioners by equipping candidates to work competently and effectively in this ever-changing medical environment.

During 2018 our course underwent a comprehensive Course Review and Accreditation process within Monash University. The main recommendation of the External Review Committee is for a restructuring of the course to a 48 credit point Masters

Commencing Semester 2, 2019, M6033 Masters of Medicine (Perioperative) will only be offered to new students as a 48 Credit Point Masters.

To be eligible for admission, students will be required to hold a MBBS or BMedSci/MD (or equivalent) and provide evidence of completion of two years clinical hospital medicine. This change has been made to ensure that the course remains competitive in both domestic and international markets. In addition, this process has enabled us to comprehensively review the course content to ensure that the educational material we offer continues to be aligned with emerging domestic and international perioperative medicine curricula. We have also extensively reviewed and updated the methods by which the content is taught and assessed. The course committee are confident that these changes will ensure that we can continue to offer a world-leading educational experience in the important and evolving field of Perioperative Medicine. This change will have the benefits of being able to be completed in a shorter time frame (1 year full-time or 2 years part-time) and at a lower cost to the student.

If you are currently enrolled in the course you should have receive an email by mid March detailing the impact of the changes on your enrolment.

The new M6033 Masters program will consist of 4 compulsory units (12 credit points each) and no elective units.

The new units to be offered are:

  •  POM5101 Perioperative Medicine and Cardiorespiratory Disease
  •  POM5102 Acute Perioperative Care
  •  POM5103 Perioperative Medicine and Co-existing Conditions
  •  POM5104 Key Topics in Perioperative Medicine (Capstone unit)

Units POM5101-5103 will incorporate a revised version of the content taught in our current compulsory units. Unit POM5104 will contain new material and will include a 'capstone' project to ensure that the course remains aligned with Monash Graduate Attributes. Note that this unit will be offered in both Semester 1 and 2 each year and that successful completion of units POM5101-5103 is a prerequisite for enrolment in this unit.

Note: Website and Guidebook will be updated in the coming few weeks.

Please click below to contact the Course Administrator: Ms. Catherine Pound