POM5001 Topics

  Topic Name Lecturer
1 Coronary Artery Disease I Dr. Sesto Cairo
2 Hypertension Dr. Sesto Cairo
3 Assessment of the cardiac patient for non-cardiac surgery Dr. Andrew Silvers
4 Investigations for the cardiac patient for non-cardiac surgery Dr. Enjarn Lin
5 Arrhythmias, pacemakers, AICDs Dr. Andrew Robinson
6 Cardiac Failure I Dr. Angeline Leet
7 Cardiac Failure II Dr. Angeline Leet
8 Aortic stenosis Dr. Rishi Mehra
9 Pulmonary hypertension Dr. Rishi Mehra
10 How to read an echocardiogram Dr. Stuart Hastings
11 Myocarditis/Endocarditis/Cardiomyopathy Dr. Enjarn Lin
12 Perioperative management of patients with cardiac transplantation and assist devices Dr. Mark Buckland
13 The adult with congenital heart disease Dr. Phil Ragg

The topics and lecturers will be subject to change before the semester starts.