POM5002 Topics

  Topic Name Lecturer
1 The Role of The Perioperative Medicine Physician and Models of Care Dr Joel Symons
2 Allergies and Anaphylaxis Dr John Carruthers
3 Blood Transfusion Medicine Dr Amanda Davis
4 Trauma- Pre-Hospital Management and Retrieval A/Prof. John Moloney
5 Trauma- Chest and Abdominal Injuries Dr Kate Martin
6 Radiology in the Acute Setting Dr Tania Bain
7 Trauma- Head and Spine Injuries Dr Winifred Burnett
8 Pulmonary Disease and Lung Function Testing Dr Alan Young
9 Perioperative Management of the Burns Patient Dr Jamie Smart
10 Sepsis/ inflammatory response in ICU Dr Jason McClure, Dr Miles Beeny and Dr Dominic Trainor
11 Fluid management/ nutritional support/ iv fluid therapy Dr. Vin Pellegrino / Dr. Dashiell Gantner / Dr. Emma Ridley
12 Anaemia Dr Toby Richards
13 Ventilation Strategies
Dr Eli Dabscheck and A/Prof John Botha

The topics and lecturers will be subject to change before the semester starts.