POM5003 Topics

  Topic Name Lecturer
1 Diabetes Professor David Story
2 Endocrine Disorders A/Professor Shane Hamblin
3 Topics in Perioperative Acute Kidney Injury & Fluid Management Dr Owen Roodenburg & Dr Lloyd Roberts
4 Obesity and Sleep Apnoea Professor Matthew Naughton
5 Perioperative management of patients having gastrointestinal surgery Prof Bruce Waxman and Dr Jennifer Carden
6 Peri-operative Assessment of Chronic Liver Disease Dr William Kemp
7 Acute Pain Management Dr Timothy Hucker
8 Chronic Pain Management Associate Professor Carolyn Arnold
9 Thromboprophylaxis Dr Amanda Davis
10 Anticoagulants, Antiplatelets Dr David Daly
11 Surgical Management of Chronic Lung Disease Mr Julian Gooi
12 Perioperative Genomics Dr Chris Bain & Associate Professor Andrew Shaw
13 Advance Care Planning and End of life care in the perioperative period Dr Debra Leung

The topics and lecturers will be subject to change before the semester starts.