POM5004 Topics

  Topic Name Lecturer
1 Perioperative management of psychiatric disorders and consent Dr. Terry Loughnan
2 Perioperative Cognition Anaesthesia & Cognitive Decline in the Elderly A/Professor Brendan Silbert / A/Prof Lis Evered
3 Geriatric medicine Dr. Yana Sunderland
4 Obstetric conditions Dr. Maggie Wong
5 Maternal collapse and the obstetric patient having non-obstetric surgery Dr. Maggie Wong
6 Neurological diseases Dr. James Griffiths
7 Haematological disorders Dr. Helen Savoia
8 Smoking Dr Ashley Webb
9 Perioperative management of the oncology patient Part I Professor. Vijaya Gottumukkala
10 Perioperative management of the oncology patient Part II Dr Bernhard Riedel, Dr. Jonathan Hiller
11 Perioperative scoring / Risk Stratification Dr. Ramani Moonesinghe
12 Infectious diseases Dr. Jonathan Darby
13 The Postoperative visit and Perioperative surgical issues Dr. Paul Hales & Dr. Stuart Marshall

The topics and lecturers will be subject to change before the semester starts.