Master of Perioperative Medicine M6033

Department of Anaesthesiology and Perioperative Medicine

2024 Admission is open for Domestic applicants applicants.

* To waive the international application fee please contact us at to provide a unique application code prior to submitting the admission

This course is a part of the Graduate Certificate of Perioperative Medicine M4029 program. Compare vs M4029

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  • About Course

    Perioperative Medicine has been defined as the care of patients from the time they contemplate surgery through the operative period to full recovery at home.

    The course is aimed at medical practitioners working in this emerging field. It has been designed to facilitate the delivery of collaborative and optimal perioperative care to patients presenting with complex, chronic and acute medical conditions requiring surgical intervention.

    Note: It is not the purpose of this course to act as a pathway into specialty training in Australia. Completion of this course leads to a Masters qualification but not to specialist recognition. Such recognition is only granted by the relevant Australian and New Zealand specialty Colleges as per their individual requirements.

    Note: The Master of Medicine name title has been amended to Master of Perioperative Medicine from 2022 onwards. The course code remains the same. The new title is only applicable to students commencing study in 2022 and onwards.

    Domestic Applicant Handbook

    International Applicant Handbook

    General Information

    • Offered completely online: No on-campus attendance (i.e. no face-to-face contact).
    • Course admission is offered in semester 1 (International and Domestic applications) and semester 2 (Domestic applications only).
    • 48 credit point Masters course.
    • Course requires completion of five core units including the capstone project. This encompasses 3 x 12 credit points units (POM5101, POM5102, POM5103) and 2 x 6 credit point capstone project units (POM5105, POM5106).
    • Time commitment: 20-24 hours of study per 12 credit point unit (i.e. part-time study) or 40-48 hours for 2 x 12 credit point units (i.e. full-time study).
    • Offered semester 1 (International and Domestic applicants) and semester 2 (Domestic applicants only).

    Course Guidebook

  • Units

    POM5101 - Perioperative medicine and cardiorespiratory disease (12 credit points)

    POM5102 - Acute perioperative care (12 credit points)

    POM5103 - Perioperative medicine and co-existing conditions (12 credit points)

    Capstone project units

    POM5105 - Contemporary issues in perioperative medicine (theory) (6 credit points)

    POM5106 - Perioperative medicine capstone project (6 credit points)


    Unit Information

    • Five units (POM5101, POM5102, POM5103, POM5105, POM5106) must be completed culminating in a 6,000 word (or part thereof) capstone project (POM5106) which is determined by you. The practical capstone project unit POM5106 must be completed last or in conjunction with final unit/s.
    • Units POM5101-5 can be completed in any order (This is subject to unit scheduling in semester 1 and/or 2)
    • POM5106 has a prerequisite of units POM5101-5. Therefore, it should be completed as the final unit of the course.
    • Time commitment: 20-24 hours of study per 12 credit point unit per week (i.e. part-time study). 10-12 hours of study per 6 credit point unit per week for capstone project units POM5105 and POM5106.
  • Important Dates

    Semester Dates
    Semester 1 units - POM5101, POM5103, POM5105 and POM5106
    Semester 2 units - POM5102, POM5105 and POM5106

    Census Dates
    Deadline to withdraw from units without penalty

  • Fees

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  • Admissions


    2024 Admissions now open.

    Applicants are encouraged to apply early

    Semester 1:

    • Applications are open now for both Domestic and International* applicants
    • Admissions close 12 February 2024

    Note: If International applicants wish to commence mid-year study, we suggest applying for the Graduate Certificate of Perioperative Medicine M4029 which can be commenced in Semester 2. Units studied can then be credited towards the Master of Perioperative Medicine (adhering to credit policies) if applicants wish to then enrol into this course.

    * To waive the international application fee please contact us at to provide a unique application code prior to submitting the admission.

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  • Graduations

    Students in the final semester of their course can apply to graduate. Our student cohort is eligible to graduate in the March/April and September/October rounds (our students are ineligible to graduate in the December round). Applications open around 3 months prior to the graduation ceremony.

    Students apply to graduate via the Web Enrolment System. Graduation is not automatic and all students must apply to graduate in order to receive their testamur. Students who do not wish to attend a ceremony can graduate in absentia. This option can be selected when completing your graduation application.

    Each semester (once results are released) the Department of Anaesthesiology and Preventive Medicine processes course completions. We then email eligible students advising that they have been course completed and that they can apply to graduate. However, you can apply prior if applications are open. If you require a Letter of Qualification prior to graduation (once results are released in the final semester of the course) please log a request with Monash Connect

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