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PebblePad FAQ

How to access PebblePad

- To log to the PebblePad please click the following link,
Log in to PebblePad

For assistance, please refer to the PebblePad Help Guide via the following link,
PebblePad Help

How much of the PebblePad workbook needs to be completed by the beginning of Week 3?

Only the first page (Project Proposal) needs to be completed by the first deadline in POM5105.

However, we encourage you to start working on your Action Plan early as this will help you plan your project and enable us to offer advice and assistance along the way.

Do I need to tick the "Mark page as complete" box when I've finished a page?

This is not entirely necessary but it does assist us (and you) in tracking your progress. Either way you will still be able to go back and edit any page at any time. This is a ‘live’ online platform and as such your latest entry will always be saved and will be able to be viewed by your unit coordinators.

How do I submit my final project?

All documents that make up your final project need to be uploaded into the ‘Project Documents’ page in the PebblePad workbook.

For more information see the Welcome to Pebblepad Guide.

Can I be creative in the way I present my project?


We encourage you to be as creative as possible. Videos, audio files, powerpoint presentations can all be uploaded as well as a variety of different text files. Please contact us if you are unsure.

How do I receive feedback on my PebblePad submissions?

All feedback will be provided within PebblePad.

When feedback has been added you will receive an email notification to your Monash email address.

To access the feedback, open your PebblePad work book and click on the blue tab in the top right corner:

This will open a dialogue with the unit coordinators. Similarly, we receive notification when you reply.

My question is not listed here

Please contact us during 9AM – 5PM AEST weekdays via
03 9903 0321 or email med-periopmedicine@monash.edu