Master of Medicine - Course fees

Last Updated: January 2019


The approximate cost to complete all the required units for the Master of Medicine (Perioperative Medicine) is $37,350 Australian Dollars*.

The approximate cost to complete all the required units for the Graduate Diploma of Medicine (Perioperative Medicine) is $24,900 Australian Dollars (completing only Core Units)*.

* 2019 fee prices. Course fees are subject to change.

The course is Domestic Full Fee only. CSP (Commonwealth Supported Places) are not available. Students can apply for FEE-HELP if they are eligible to do so. Please see this link for further information


Cost of completion of Masters of Medicine (MMed)

POM5001 (12 credits)
POM5002 (12 credits)
POM5003 (12 credits)
POM5004 (12 credits)
Core Units
$6,500.00 x 4 = $26,000
Elective Units
$3,250.00 x 4 = $13,000

Cost of completing the Masters: $26,000 + $13,000 = $39,000*
*This is approximate figure only

Please note that students will also be required to pay a Monash Student Services & Amenities Fee (SSAF) per calendar year.

Further details of the SSAF can be found by clicking here.


How to use the Monash University Course Fee Calculator

  1. Open up 2019 Monash Fee Calculator
  2. Choose Starting Year - 2019
  3. Choose Course Type - Award Course
  4. Choose Faculty - Faculty of Medicine, Nursing & Health Sciences
  5. Click Submit
  6. Choose Course - M0627 - Master of Medicine
  7. Click Submit
  8. Choose the number of credit points you wish to complete in 2019.
    (12 credit points for Core Units and 6 credit points for Elective units)

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